How Employers Can Take Part in School-to-Career Activities

Open your doors to students and their teachers. Let them observe your workplace in action, and learn what kinds of skills and training your employees need to master.

Job Shadowing
A teacher or student spends time during the workday observing an expert in a trade, craft or profession apply specific workplace behaviors and skills. Job shadowing is an incredibly effective way for students, future employees, and teachers to learn about your business.

For high school students. A program that combines supervised, structured on-the-job training with related theoretical instruction. It is sponsored by employers and labor management groups. Pre-apprenticeship counts toward advancement in an apprenticeship program and/or a post-secondary certificate or associate’s degree program.

For several weeks or months, a student intern or teacher “extern” works in your place of business on a specific task or project.

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The mentor is a trusted coach, guide, and confidant who support a student in mastering systems, processes, behaviors and skills.

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